Kickers franchise, only shoes made in Italy of the highest quality

How to do business without investment and without risk:

The brand was born in the fifties as Wheelbarrows – Kickers and then was acquired in Italy by Italian Footwear Company SpA at the end of the sixties which launched in the domestic market as Kickers.

Kickers shoes were born from the student movements of 1968 and express, with the transgression of attractive models and variety of colors, new at the time, the carefree and the desire to live their younger. In a few years the shoe brand Kickers is regarded as a cult and a symbol of a generation.

The shoes are characterized by the quality of products and craftsmanship. The Kickers shoes are not only beautiful, but also functional to the harmonious growth of the baby’s foot.

The Kickers offers a proposal for franchising extremely beneficial:

  • no investment
  • no risk
  • no retentive
  • Find out more about this on the site for franchising

The Motherhouse delivery to the dealer a stock of shoes, charging him to sell them and pay the proceeds into a cash register installed in the shop.

logo- KickersAlla end of each month is paid to each affiliate a commission commensurate with the proceeds.
At the end of each season the franchisor withdraws unsold from each store. Kickers Point is an opportunity for partnership for those who already have a clothing store as a child, or adult shoes, standing high average, recognized for the quality of products sold and the excellent value for money.

The Kickers also offers the opportunity to buy shoes online. For the most demanding consumers can access the configurator Shoes section where you can also make custom shoes.

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